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A Story


Trahern also goes by Easel Cathedral

He calls his style Relational and Experiential.


Easel Cathedral has coined himself a “Jam Painter” as so much of his subject matter is musicians of every genre playing everywhere from small taverns to large outdoor festivals. In those moments he explores brush strokes and colors matching the rhythm of the sounds being played.


As a “Live Painter” of events and weddings, Trahern creates visual stories of his surroundings in his own unique painterly style, marrying a free folk recklessness with a trained and practiced deliberateness.

This performance shares the space with everyone in attendance, enhancing the moment and using the moment to inform the painting itself.


And then there’s the painter and his easel, going anywhere light falls on the buildings, homes, trails and roads of towns, cities and landscapes.

Trahern welcomes anyone around to come hang out by the easel.

“It just paints better.”



More About Trahern Cook,


Born in 1970 in Columbia,SC


Trahern has been drawing and painting and telling stories his entire life.


1987 he attended The SC Govenors School for the Arts as a visual artist


1992 Trahern Graduated from Ringling School of Design with a focus on Illustration


He married his wife Lori in 1994


Where they lived in Murfreesboro,TN

and had their two children in the late 90s


Trahern worked as a Full time Freelance illustrator from 1993 to 2000’s


In 2006 they moved back to Columbia,SC


There, Trahern took the easel outside and have been painting all over the southeast and abroad ever since.


His work shows in private galleries, homes and work spaces throughout the country.

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